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            The Overlay for

            Commercial, apts

            And 55+ still hangs

            Over the property


            Every day that goes

            By the house is in worse

            Shape.  Destroyed by

            Harry Miller for what?


            HOUSE:  Turned into

            A ruin through    mismanagement

            And lack of repairs.


            For KINGS
            HIGHWAY PARK

            $3+M spent for dirt,

            Never used.

The About to be done $3.8M for

            A manuficipal pump

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The regular meeting of the Caln Township Commissioners is this evening at 7:30 PM.

We will go and we will record it. Our equipment to record is REALLY basic and I’m told the sound is terribly poor. If anyone has better stuff or can help by contributing to us purchasing something better, it would be helpful. I think a better microphone is something under $150. A thought… Of course the REAL answer is for Caln to install cameras and video the entire meeting themselves and put them up on THEIR web page. MANY townships now do this. If not video, they at least record.

1) As always…has the township heard from Regal? I believe the answer is no, but now that the municipal sewer pumping station is being approved (tonight), this development and everything else can now move forward.
2) Discussion of the accident on Lloyd at G.O. Carlson. A truck was “t” hit by a car and flipped over. One of them was making a turn onto Lloyd coming from G. O. Carlson. The driver and his dog in the truck are OK thankfully. BUT, this opens up a discussion of ANY future plans to put more road openings onto Lloyd Avenue without LIGHTS. The past Regal plan had two new openings. One opposite Beaver Run Road and another just around the curve opposite the park and drive lot. Now think about all of that trying to turn INTO Lloyd. We’ll see a huge increase in this.
3) The lights on the Lloyd Avenue Bridge. We have a call into PennDot to ask them about this, where it stands. We need to ask Caln where this stands. Since the cost of the lights is nearly identical according to them…temporary/permanent, there is no reason to just put up temporary ones unless that is something Penndot is driving. We are trying to find out.

Tonight they are going to consider granting a Preliminary/Final Development approval for a Flex Space Building on Edges Mill Road.
None of us has EVER seen this. It went through the process and yet in all the meetings we’ve attended for quite a long time, it has never showed up. The issue is this: OTHER townships actually post the status of their projects and even pics of the plans ON THEIR WEB PAGE. This needs to be something Caln adopts. They criticize residents for NOT coming to meetings, but they do not release enough information for people to have any idea what is happening. It is not incumbent upon the residents of Caln to dig out information about what is taking place, it is THEIR responsibility to make information readily available. We should be able to see the plan that is going to be approved. It will be interesting to see if they even have it available for viewing tonight. Caln Township and every elected official and paid person in Caln needs to be educated about what their roll is: THEY WORK FOR US! WE ELECT THEM. WE PAY THE SALARIES.
THEY SERVE AND WORK AT OUR PLEASURE. Somewhere along the way they have forgotten this. It needs to be driven home.

“Public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly.
It must be a complete dedication to the people and to the nation.”
Margaret Chase Smith (the first woman to serve in both the Senate and House and led the fight against McCarthyism)
MAY PRIMARY: We REALLY need to get people out to this Primary because there are 2 seats on the Caln Township Commissioners Board that we can take over. It has been driven home to us very clearly that the ONLY way to change things in Caln is to change the Commissioners Board. The seats coming in May are ONE Jennifer Breton. She is stepping down. TWO George Chambers whose seat is up for re-election. I am going to talk about “party.” Let me be clear that I don’t give a hoot about party affiliation. I care about what the heck is going on. SO, we have choices in BOTH parties to support.

Republicans: Joe Reich my neighbor on LLOYD Ave. is an endorsed candidate. George Chambers is an endorsed candidate.
Possible write in candidate Chuck Kramer.
Democratic: Mark Evans our neighbor is an endorsed candidate. Paul Mullin who right now serves as the Chair of the
Municipal Authority in Caln is also an endorsed candidate.

Joe and Mark are 100% with us on all of the issues we care about. Paul Mullin I can’t speak to because he hasn’t really talked to us.
Paul is away for two weeks, but hopefully before the Primary we can talk to him to find out his stand on issues we care
about. George Chambers seems to be a nice guy, but he is a part of the existing problems and frankly he has not stepped
forward to control Denne and Camp and he has not really sided with us on any of the things we care about.

PRIMARY LOCATION: MAY 21st will arrive very quickly! If you live in CALN 4, the site has been moved Yet Again! This time to
St. Martha’s Nursing Home. This is actually a far better site than the school that was a disaster. Lots of parking and they
actually want us to come there. You all know where this is but it is actually 470 Manor Avenue, Downingtown.
Also, officially we are Precinct #054 – Caln 4.

CHOOSE the people you will support and vote for them in the Primary. Leading up to the Primary, please talk to you neighbors,
friends, etc. and drum up support for OUR people. IF we do not change the Board nothing will change. Primaries are
notoriously poorly attended and so it takes VERY FEW votes to sway it. Elections have been won and lost by ONE vote.


Three (3) of the FIVE (5) Commissioners’ seats are coming up for election.  This primary MAY 21, 2019  will determine who runs and is therefore, EXTREMELY important. This is the best opportunity you have to affect the leadership of Caln Twp.


In order to make good choices, we need to know what the candidates believe.  We are submitting a CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE to all of the candidates and asking them to respond to YOU as residents.  We will post them on our web page,, on Facebook and we will circulate them as well.  They go out today and the deadline for the return is Thurs. midnight, May 16.  Please encourage YOUR candidate to tell us what they believe.  We will post the responses on Fri., May 17th.  Watch for them.


As you know, CALN WATCH was created in response to the threat of an inappropriate development of the Lloyd Farm & the destruction of an historic home (Rt 322 & Manor Ave).  While working on this problem, we have discovered that Caln has many other Challenges.  Some are caused by poor management; some by decisions made that simply didn’t work out and some are caused by the increased pressure for development in Chester County. 


We hope this will spur you to vote in this Primary and to do that with good information about where your candidates stand.   Primary elections are notoriously poorly attended and it is likely that just 10% of the voters will decide YOUR fate.  Don’t let that happen. 




The candidates in the May 21st Primary are:

                                                                                                Democratic    Mark Evans, Paul Mullin, Jane Kennedy

Republican:   Joe Reich, George F. Chambers, Chuck Kramer  


  (We will send out a copy of the blank Questionnaire to the members of Caln Watch).  You can join that on Facebook and on our Web page,  If you would like a copy, send a note to