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For 262 years, this house has stood the test of time.  War, political upheavel, recessions, weather.  It withstood it all, UNTIL Harry Miller came along.  He has managed to destroy in weeks what existed for hundreds of years.  And WHY?  Not so he can build a 55+ community.  If THAT were his goal, the house could have been saved and used with the community center.


NO, he's convinced he can change the zoning on this property from R-2 that permits his 55+ single family community TO 10 Acres of Commercial, 5 Story apartment buildings and a few homes tacked on the side.  This is ALL ABOUT GREED. 

gallery/kings highway park master plan design

This is the PARK THAT NEVER WAS! This is the Griffith Farm, purchased by Caln back in 2002-2005. In 2007 they completed a complete design and Master Plan for the property to turn it into the KINGS HIGHWAY PARK. They paid $3M of OUR tax money for the land, house and barn. It never happened. For 12 years, absolutely nothing has been done, except allow the once lovely 200+ year old Historic House and out buildings disintigate. Does this sound familiar? LLOYD FARM! THIS is why they didn't step up. They've done exactly the same thing with OUR property.